A day-long workshop on ‘information and communication technology (ICT) in agriculture: possibilities, perspectives and measures’ was held at the conference room of second academic building of Khulna University (KU) on Saturday [30th August, 2014]. The Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) discipline of KU organized the workshop in cooperation with University of Bremen, Germany. 

    Dr Md Rafiqul Islam, dean of Science, Engineering and Technology School of KU, was the chief guest. Head of CSE discipline of KU Dr Rameswar Debnath presided over the function. Dr Engineer Bibhuti Roy of Bremen University, Germany, presented the key-note papers. Dr Md Mahbubur Rahman, professor of CSE discipline of KU, delivered the welcome address. Chairperson of Nagarik Forum, Khulna, and also veteran freedom fighter Sheikh Abdul Quayum, Head of Agro-technology discipline of KU Dr Monirul Islam, Chief Executive Officer of ABCoder of ‘Smart Phone Application for Location-based Fertilization Chart’   ABM Adnan, spoke on the occasion, among others.

    In this workshop student from four different disciplines (computer science & engineering discipline, environmental science discipline, agro technology discipline and electronics and communication discipline) participated an app idea competition. In this competition the main motivation was to develop ICT based app idea in architecture section. There were ten groups and their ideas are follow:




    Group number: 01

    Name of the application:  Krishikotha o Jiggasha

    Type of app.:      Need no internet connection.

    Main motto:      To get information about agriculture easily. 

    Description:   This app will take description about crop’ category, problem, affected area & symptoms of problem. Also it will receive information about farmer & image of crop. And what is needed to be done to save the crop will be given as output.  There would be community group between farmer & agricultural expert where they will share their problems & solution. This app will have 3 options at start – disease diagnostics, forum and expert. Diagnostic part helps the farmer to find out the certain disease and a remedy. The forum gives the feature of question and answering. The later feature gives the farmer to communicate with an agro expert directly.


    Group number: 02

    Name of the application:  Toxic level detection Simple mobile app.

    Type of app.:   One button app & Need no internet connection.

    Main motto:     Both farmer & Consumer would be benefited. 

    Description:   A small app that can detect the formalin and toxic level of food with an image. Pitfall of this app is more research is needed in this case. The suggestion was to think within a smaller level and another way according to present possibilities so that this project can come into success.


    Group number: 03

    Name of the application:  E- Weather for farmers.

    Main motto:  Send information to every farmer of an area.   

    Description:  Enhances the production using the ICT. An app that collects the information of the farmer from online positioning system and guides him what to produce, how to produce so that he can have maximum benefit. A monthly pay will be needed to use the facility.


    Group number: 04

    Name of the application:  AEZ Your AGRO solution

    Type of app.:  One button app can be used both with and without internet.  

    Main motto:   Making easy for using for rural farmers.

    Description:   This app helps the farmer to select suitable crop according to the weather and place of the land. Then it will guide him to select the fertilizers and how to control the pest. A one button app. Uses GPS technology to find position of land. To detect the problems of crops image processing will be used.


    Group number: 05

    Name of the application:  Plant Disaster Prevention System in Agriculture of BD

    Main motto:  Make aware of diseases previously.

    Description:   As the diseases of crops are divided into 2 parts, epidemic and seasonal, so using this idea an app may be developed. It will be a web portal that will notify the farmers to take certain steps before a disease may occur. Plan is, the primary provider of the app will be private org., NGO or Govt. Secondary is agro officers and field supervisors. The farmers are root level beneficiaries. Pitfalls are, environment can change and internet is not so available.




    Group number: 06

    Name of the application:  KANDARTI (A pioneer for farmers)

    Description:   It is an all in all app. The farmer has to input the parameters of the area and land of farming. Then analyzing them the app will suggest him to cultivate certain things. It will also help him to achieve financial matters and a help center will be develop to help the farmers live.


    Group number: 07

    Name of the application:  Krishoker Bishwa

    Main motto: Solve marketing problem, give information correctly & make aware of using pesticide.

    Description:   An agent will collect information from a local market and store in the app also it will update the information so that from this app. every farmer of that locality will have correct information about right prize and market. To eliminate middle man this app will be used. It will update daily market condition and will help the farmer directly to take certain steps.


    Group number: 08

    Name of the application:  Simplification of agricultural process with ICT.

    Type of app.:    Need no internet connection.

    Description:   It’s a mobile based app. With an easy to use UI it will offer a simulation model that will suggest the farmer what can be done next to gain maximum profit. It was suggested to be specific about a problem and solve that.


    Group number: 09

    Name of the application:  Centralized Agricultural Distribution System.

    Main motto: Solve marketing problem.

    Description:   From this app farmers will get information about marketing facility where crops are being sold at good prize, also information about storage where they can save their not sold crops. It focuses to make every information accessible to the farmers so that they can decide themselves to what to do for their best. Pitfall is that internet is not so available and making the farmers to use the app is not so easy primarily.


    Group number: 10

    Name of the application:    Online marketing.

    Main motto: Solve marketing problem & give benefit to both farmers & consumer.

    Description:   From this app farmers & consumer both will get information about marketing facility, perfect prize of crop with the help of an agent. This is also same as project 9 to eliminate middle men and to make all information accessible to the farmers. The focus is to enhance the equilibrium of the market and betterment of the farmer. The farmers will be available to communicate with the consumers, a direct business between them.


    Posted : 2014-09-02 22:13:21